Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Are you an Oscar the Grouch fan?

Oscar the Grouch is a Muppet character on the television program Sesame Street. He has a green body (during the 1969–1970 season he was orange), has no nose, and lives in a garbage can. His favorite thing in life is trash; evidence for this is the song "I Love Trash". Although "The Grouch" aptly describes his misanthropic interaction with the other characters, it is also the name of his species. The character is performed by Muppeteer Carroll Spinney.

Oscar can also become mobile with the help of his friend Bruno, the trashman, who carried Oscar around in his can. Bruno was a full-body costume which allows Oscar's puppeteer to manipulate Oscar while remaining hidden by the Bruno costume.

While appearing to be the size of a normal trash can, Oscar's residence is presumably larger inside than the exterior would suggest, as evidenced by the fact that Oscar has noted through the years that it boasts such amenities as a swimming pool, bowling alley and a piano.

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